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Is My Water Line in Trouble?

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One of the greatest luxuries that we as modern homeowners enjoy is the distribution of clean, potable water throughout our homes via our plumbing systems. The pipes in your home distribute that water to your various fixtures and appliances, and your drain and sewer system carries that water away when you are done with it. It is your water line, though, which is responsible for getting that water from the supply source to your home in the first place. If you have a problem of any kind with your water line in Fresno, CA, you need to have the issue resolved immediately. Just call our number to do so.

Signs of Trouble with Your Water Line

Your water line is buried on your property, so you may not immediately recognize when there is a problem with it. Because water damage can be quite severe and develop in a short amount of time, though, you really don’t want to wait too long before having a damaged water line repaired. That is why it is so important that you learn some of the basic warning signs that your water line is in trouble.

  • The sound of running water near your water connection, when there is no water in use, is a pretty good indicator that something is amiss. You may even have a slab leak on your property, which happens when a leak develops beneath the concrete slab of your foundation. If you can hear the sound of water running, or gurgling, in the vicinity of your water line, contact us right away.
  • A spike in your water bill without explanation is another sign of potential trouble with your water line. If in doubt, try shutting off your water valve. Check your meter, and then check it again in an hour. If water is still being used, a water line leak is very likely.
  • Finally, some water line leaks may result in the drop of water pressure throughout a home. This won’t happen in every instance, of course, but if you do notice that your water pressure is slipping, a water line leak may be to blame.

Let the service specialists at Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance handle your water line services.

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