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Is It Time for Plumbing Repairs?

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There are few things more inconvenient than dealing with a malfunctioning plumbing system. Even relatively “minor” problems with a plumbing system, after all, can cause serious disruption to your daily routine. That is why it is always best to schedule professional plumbing repairs at the very first sign of trouble. Of course, in order to do that you must learn to recognize the warning signs that plumbing repairs are needed in the first place. Your plumbing system in Visalia, CA is more extensive than you may realize, and there are a number of things that could potentially go wrong with it. Your best bet is to call our number the moment that something does.

Hear Water Running?

If you hear water running, despite not using any water in your home, then you may have a leak somewhere. You may even have a slab leak. If you remain unconvinced that this is the case, you can try shutting off the water in your home. Check the meter, then come back and check it again in an hour. If it registers the use of water, then you may have a leak in your water main.

Running Out of Hot Water?

Remember that there is more to a plumbing system than pipes. There are also appliances plumbed into the system, such as your water heater. If you are suddenly running out of hot water frequently, or you find that the costs of running your water heater are spiking, you may need water heater repairs.

Signs of Water Damage?

Do you see staining on your walls, or feel dampness in your carpeting? This too could signify a leak in your plumbing system. Do not ignore these warning signs. You’ll wind up paying for wasted water, suffering water damage, and you increase the risk of mold growth in your home.

Whatever plumbing repairs you may need, Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance is the company to call.

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