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Is There a Water Leak in My Plumbing System?

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Your plumbing system is without a doubt one of the most vitally important parts of your home. Of course, there is also no guarantee that this plumbing system is going to operate properly at all times. You just may encounter a water leak in your plumbing system at some point. If and when you do, you need to have that leak repaired as swiftly as possible. After all, even minor water leaks can lead to very serious issues, including water damage and high costs due to wasted water. But water leaks won’t always be immediately obvious. Here are a few signs to help you spot a water leak in Selma, CA.

Signs of a Water Leak

The most obvious sign that you have a water leak somewhere in your property is, of course, water pooling where it shouldn’t be. It is not always going to be an exposed pipe that is dripping, nor will leaking water wind up in an area visible to the naked eye. Many warnings signs are more subtle.

You may notice, for instance, the sound of running water when you are not actually using any. This could signify a significant leak, or even a slab leak. If you think that you hear water running inexplicably, don’t just play it off as being a product of your imagination.

Another sign that you have a water leak somewhere in your home is a loss of water pressure. This will not be evident in every instance of a water leak. Should you notice that your water pressure has suddenly declined, however, it could certainly indicate a sizable water leak.

Increased water costs are another indicator that something is wrong. The more water that you use in your home, obviously, the higher your water bills will be. If costs are spiking without reason, it may be due to wasted water via leaks. We have the listening equipment and video pipe inspection setups necessary to determine if you have a water leak, and precisely where it is located.

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