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Do You Need Your Insulation Replaced?

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We are currently embroiled in the coldest time of the year, leaving you in need of a good, efficient performance from your home heating system. Of course, our summers are also extremely hot, which means that you need your air conditioner to function not only effectively, but in an affordable manner as well. What do these scenarios share in common, you may wonder? The fact that insufficient, subpar, or compromised insulation in Selma, CA with make attaining those goals all but impossible. Your insulation works all year long in order to prevent the excessive transfer of heat, whether it be into or out of your home. 

Signs of Insufficient Insulation

My house was insulated when it was constructed, you may be thinking, so why would I have to have the job done again? While it is true that insulation will often stand the test of time, it is also true that there are no guarantees in this world. For any number of reasons, the insulation in your attic and behind your walls may not make the cut. Perhaps it has been compromised by water damage, or it was not well-installed to begin with. It may just not be of the right R-value, which is the scale used to measure the efficiency of insulation. Whatever the problem, there are some warning signs to be aware of which can indicate the need for insulation services.

  • High heating and cooling costs are common indicators that your insulation must be replaced or supplemented. If there is not enough insulation in your home, or if it is damaged, then heat will come and go too freely. Whether transferring out of your home in the winter, or in during the summer, this heat transfer can seriously raise your bills.
  • Hot or cold spots throughout your home may also indicate the need for insulation replacement. Remember, this can be a very localized problem. If you have a single area or two in your home that is never as comfortable as the rest, the problem may require insulation replacement services to be resolved.
  • Low indoor air quality, surprisingly to some, can also indicate the need for insulation replacement. This may be especially true if critters have gotten into your insulation. Holes and gaps in the insulation can allow a lot of pollutants from outside to make their way into your home. Call to learn more.

If you need your insulation replaced, you can always count on Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance to do the job right.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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