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Why Your AC Unit is Constantly Running

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Your air conditioner’s number one job is to cool down your home or business. However, technology and innovation have proved that it doesn’t have to stay constantly running like a fan to do so. If your air conditioner is constantly running, it’s raising your electric bill and wasting energy. The best way to prolong the life of your air conditioner and increase its efficiency is through preventative maintenance. Contact us at Lee’s Air to learn more – and keep reading to learn a few reasons why your AC keeps running.

Problems with your thermostat.

Before assuming your thermostat has kicked the dust, double-check to make sure it’s set to automatic and your set temperature isn’t too low or improbable. If your thermostat is set to fan instead of auto, your AC’s fan will stay running no matter the temperature. When your thermostat is set to too low of a degree, your air conditioner is designed to stay on until that temperature is reached – even if it’s unachievable. Also, make sure the temperature sensors on your thermostat aren’t covered or dirty. If your thermostat can’t read your home’s temperature correctly, it could cause your air to constantly click on and off.

Parts of your system are dirty.

Since air is constantly flowing through your HVAC system, it’s extremely susceptible to dust and dirt build-up that can block the flow of air. This prevents the cool air produced by your system from cooling down your home and tricks your thermostat into staying on because the sensors haven’t met their set temperature. Dirty air filters, vents, condenser coils and evaporator coils are common reasons for restricted airflow. Scheduling regular maintenance and AC tune-ups will assist in keeping the parts of your system clean for efficient airflow.

Your cool air is escaping.

If your air is escaping before it can cool down your home, your air conditioner will continue running in attempts to reach your set temperature. To prevent large amounts of air from escaping, keep your doors and windows closed as much as possible. Air can also escape through holes in your ducts or because of poor insulation throughout your home. Losing air in any way will make your air conditioner run constantly to compensate for lost air.

Allowing your air conditioner to constantly run isn’t energy-efficient and is preventable. Scheduling a regular visit from your AC company for an AC tune-up can prevent your air conditioner from having problems that will keep it running all day long. Contact us at Lee’s Air today with any questions you may have or to begin your service request.

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Written by Thomas Howard

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