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Here’s Why Your Air Conditioner is So Loud

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Your air conditioner is the silent hero of the summer – until it’s not so silent. If your air conditioner is making a sound that’s anything more than the usual blowing of air and start-up noises, you might begin to dread when your AC kicks on. When that happens, it’s the battle of the annoyances – warm temperatures in your home versus a loud AC unit.

Since there are many types of noises your AC system can make and various reasons why they make them, we are here to help differentiate and explain what’s happening. Before calling your AC company for help, try these fixes to bring back your quiet air conditioner.

Quick Fixes for a Loud Air Conditioner

If you’re hearing a rattling, banging or clanking sound, it’s usually an internal problem. If parts of your system become loose during operation, the vibration can cause them to jump around on the inside.

To fix this, look inside your system while it is off and make sure everything is intact and tightened. Your fan blades and screws inside your unit can be tightened with a screwdriver. If your fan blades are bent, just straighten them out.

What Causes AC Whistling Sounds?

A whistling or hissing sound coming from your system typically means you’re experiencing one of two problems:

The noise could also be caused by dirty air ducts or vents. Any of these issues can cause your home’s air to feel less cool than normal. First, check and clean your vents, filters and grates. If you notice your air ducts are dirty or there’s a hole in your ducts, contact a professional AC company. If you think your refrigerant is leaking, you’ll also want to call an HVAC technician to properly assess the problem.

What Causes a Squealing Noise in Your AC?

A squealing noise can indicate a lack of lubrication in your system or high internal pressure in your compressor. Turn your system off and let an AC professional handle this one if you’re unsure where the noise is coming from.

High internal pressure in your compressor can be dangerous if the HVAC wasn’t signaled to turn off automatically. Have a technician check your compressor and oil your belts, fans, and bearings. If your squealing noise is accompanied with a hum and your outdoor coil fins are bent, take a coil fin comb and straighten them to fix this.

Don’t let a loud AC unit ruin your summer or leave you hot and uncomfortable inside your own home. Let the professionals handle it while you sit back and relax. If you are unable to locate where the noise is coming from or you want to request a visit from a technician, contact us at Lee’s Air today.

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