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Why Is There Condensation On My Air Ducts?

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Some condensation on air conditioner ducts is a common problem for all homeowners. For the most part, it is harmless to you and your air ducts – until the ducts collect too much water. This can lead to damages that will hurt both your house and wallet. Calling a professional AC repair team to conduct duct repair and duct sealing is the easiest solution to your problem. But first, what caused the condensation to form in the first place?

Moisture and Temperature

A common reason for condensation to form is due to the temperature around the duct and the temperature outside being different. Due to this, moisture builds up and causes water droplets to form. A small amount isn’t harmful, but this can lead to puddles surrounding your ducts. Locations that naturally have more moisture, like Florida, have a higher chance of these problems.

Outdated Insulation

Insulation helps prevent the buildup of condensation in your air ducts. As the insulation gets worn out over time, the temperature and moisture are more likely to get into the ducts. This could also be due to improper insulation installment or repair. It is important to have routine checkups on this problem because the damage could be costly.

Improperly Sealed Air Ducts

When it comes to improperly sealed air ducts, temperature, again, plays an important contribution to condensation. The openings invite warm air into the cool air ducts. The water droplets build puddles over time within the air ducts. This can lead to leaks, which could spread your problem outside of the ducts, as well. Water from the leaks could cause the floor and walls to rot and mold to grow.

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Written by Thomas Howard

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