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The Many Benefits of Ductless AC

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The Many Benefits of Ductless AC

Let’s break down the difference between traditional AC units and ductless systems. A traditional AC unit consists of multiple parts, including ductwork installed throughout the attic, which regulates the temperature throughout your house. Ductless units are smaller, typically placed near a window or high on a wall and operate exactly as the name says – without ducts.

Ductless might be a good choice for you if…

  • You have window units or an older home
  • You need extensive duct repair
  • You wage daily thermostat wars between members of the household
  • Your energy bills are out of control

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, saying no to central air and yes to ductless could be the best option for you! Now it’s time to consider the benefits of making the switch.


Ductless systems are typically much more energy-efficient than traditional AC units. A ductless AC unit can cut your energy costs by up to 30% when you switch from an outdated AC system.

Additionally, you may be eligible for utility rebates and tax credit when you go ductless. The savings is one of the biggest reasons homeowners decide to switch to ductless systems. This is especially true if they were previously trying to evenly heat or cool a multi-story house with window units, which can cause sky-high energy bills.

Easy Installation

Installing a traditional unit and configuring the ductwork can take a while. One of the biggest benefits of ductless AC is an easy installation. There’s less to work with and worry about because ductless AC installation requires only a small hole in the wall, which saves money and time when adding AC to new basements, attics and other extensions.

Installation time and costs will vary depending on how many units are involved, but you will avoid the cost of replacing or adding new ductwork.


With traditional units, you set one temperature for the unit to regulate the entire house, but one temperature doesn’t always work for everyone in the house. Ductless AC benefits everyone by making it easy to control each area of the house individually.

Have a room that’s too hot? Need to cool down an extension or enclosed garage? A ductless system is perfect for that problem.

When it comes to ductless AC installation, Fresno trusts  Lee’s Air and Plumbing. Contact us today to see if installing a ductless AC unit is right for you and your home!

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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