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Spring Cleaning Tips for 2015

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Does that spring cleaning list make you want to hibernate? Whether your style is to clear an entire Sunday or knock out your tasks one day at a time, the hassle of cleaning doesn’t have to be so bad. Get started with Lee’s Air Spring Cleaning Tips for 2015.

Keep It Simple
Start on the easy and simple tasks, such as the kitchen and bathroom. While your cleaning products sit, you can organize your drawers. The same approach may work for you in the living and dining room. Start off by dusting off and wiping your furniture, then move into the more involved tasks once you hit your stride.

Clean Air Tips
Maintaining your AC unit will prevent dust from collecting, and you’ll have fresh and healthy air. Can you recall the last time you replaced your air filters? In addition to poor air quality, dirty filters could affect your HVAC efficiency for those hot, summer days that are on the way! Your heater and furnace might have a lot of work to do on winter – so remember to clean the ducts and vents as well.

Ready to Tackle That Closet?
The most time-consuming task can be your bedroom. Start off by organizing your closet and sorting out clothes and other items you can donate that have been building up for a year. After that, you can exhale in relief and finish up by putting everything back to its place and clean the floors.

Lee’s Air can help you with the difficult task of maintenance of your HVAC system. Check out our Preventive Maintenance Partnership that provides testing and maintenance twice a year.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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