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5 Common AC Issues Explained

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While broken air conditioners are a huge deal, the causes are commonly easy to prevent with regular tune-ups. To prevent the following issues, be sure to stay on top of your maintenance and look out for common culprits. Have any questions? We can help! Don’t hesitate to call Lee’s Air with your air conditioning questions.

1. Dangerous Refrigerant Leaks

Cause: AC not charged during installation or a faulty system.

Solution: A trained technician is the best choice to fix a leak. Adding more refrigerant won’t fix the problem.

2. An Unmaintained System

Cause: Not scheduling annual tune-ups.

SolutionSpring tune-ups are the most common way to stay on top of AC maintenance.

3. Electric Control Failure

Cause: Common when the AC is frequently turned on and off.

Solution: Professional check-up of electrical connections and contacts.

4. AC Sensor Problems

Cause: Sensor displaced away from coil, causing AC to run constantly.

Solution: Carefully bend wire to place sensor near coil, but not touching it.

5. AC Drainage Problems

Cause: Clogged condensate drain.

Solution: Check during humid weather. Room air conditioners also may not drain well if not level.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

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