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Debunking Some Common AC Myths

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The Internet is teeming with inquiries, ideas, instructions and some downright insane advice. In more than 30 years of service, the team at Lee’s Air has come across plenty of “air conditioning tips” that left us shaking our heads. So today, we want to help debunk some of the common myths about air conditioning and heating equipment and habits.

1. Crank it Down!

How many people do you know who, upon entering their home on a hot day, immediately set the thermostat drastically low to “quickly” reach a cooler temperature? For those guilty of this habit, know this – an air conditioner isn’t something you can set your spurs to. A lower temperature doesn’t mean quicker comfort. It DOES mean potentially overworking your air conditioner on a hot day. The best and most efficient way to cool down after coming home is to choose a temperature as close to 78 degrees as possible. Then you should switch on your ceiling fan. The wind chill factor will make you feel up to five degrees cooler. Still hot? Lower your body temperature with a glass of ice water or a cold snack.

2. The Bigger the Better

Don’t fall for this terrible advice! For an air conditioner to perform to the best of its abilities, it needs to be perfectly sized for your home. If it’s too small, it will have to run longer to reach your desired temperatures. Too big, and it will continually toggle on and off to maintain your level of comfort. Both can cause your AC’s motor to burn up, leaving you in need of costly repairs. WIth air conditioners, take the Goldilocks approach. Your HVAC unit should be sized “just right.”

3. A New AC Unit Will Solve All of Your Problems

Yes, a new HVAC unit can solve a lot of problems, particularly if your system is old and inefficient. But problems with air flow, hot and cold spots, foul smells and more may require attention elsewhere. Incorrectly sized, installed or sealed ducts can cause poor airflow, poor air quality and uneven levels of comfort in your home. Something as simple as cleaning out your condensate drain pan could solve any foul smelling air problems. If your car needs an oil change or a new tire, you aren’t going to buy a whole new car. The same goes for your air conditioner. Don’t purchase a new air conditioner when you don’t need one.

If you have any questions concerning your air conditioner, give us a call at Lee’s Air today! We promise to bring you the best HVAC information, hating and cooling advice and services in Fresno.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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