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Why Schedule Sewer Camera Video Inspection Services?

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The sewer line servicing your home doesn’t have the most glamorous job to do, but it is a very important one. When you drain the sinks or bathtub, or flush the toilet, it is your sewer line that removes that waste and wastewater from your property in a hygienic and convenient manner. As you can imagine, encountering problems of any kind with your sewer can be very stressful, given the nature of the task it performs. That is why identifying any problems with your sewer line in a prompt and concise manner is always in your best interest. Of course, this begs the question of how you can do this. After all, your sewer line is hidden from view. The answer to the schedule sewer camera inspection services.

How Does a Sewer Camera Video Inspection Work?

When a professional plumber comes to inspect your sewer line, they are properly equipped to do the job right. A thorough inspection is made possible thanks to the use of a sewer camera. These cameras vary somewhat, with some being fed into the sewer line by hand, while others are sent in on a small cart. In either case, the sewer camera feeds back a live video stream from within the sewer itself. This is easily the most effective way to evaluate the condition of a sewer line, as well locate the exact location of any clogs or damages. The video may also be saved in case further review is necessary.

Because the sewer line is not visible without this type of technology, there used to be a certain amount of guesswork in determining what the problem with a sewer line was, as well as its precise location. With this type of inspection, that guesswork is no loner necessary. This means less disruption to your property in accessing the sewer line to service it, and less labor to pay for. Give us a call any time if you think that you need a sewer camera video inspection.

Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance offers sewer camera inspection services in Fresno, CA.

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