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Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner — Before HVAC Prices Increase in 2023

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The air conditioner in your home has an imperative role in your daily life, especially when temperatures are at an all-time high. This cooling system works hard to keep you, your family, and your furry friends comfortable and safe. However — this important system can’t last forever. At one point or another, you might come to the realization that a full replacement is needed.

If your air conditioner has seen better days, you might be gearing up for a replacement. Although you may be feeling hesitant about taking that leap and getting started with your AC unit upgrade, you should know that HVAC price increases are on the horizon — and they don’t show any signs of stopping.

AC prices are going up, but why is this? There are several reasons for these rising costs. Below, we’ll discuss why now is the best time to buy an air conditioner and why acting quickly can help you save money in the long run. Get a quote from Lee’s today!

Influence of Inflation

If you ask various HVAC companies why now is the best time to buy an air conditioner, there’s a good chance that they’ll mention inflation. When the inflation rate increases, you can end up paying more for items than you had paid for them previously. Unfortunately, HVAC equipment is no exception. These HVAC price increases are due in part to the rising costs of raw materials.

Many materials, such as lumber, aluminum, copper, and steel, have been costing more in recent times. Since these raw materials are necessary for the construction of HVAC equipment and parts, the overall cost of air conditioners has increased as well.

Labor Shortages

Although the rising cost of materials is a major concern, it’s important to note that labor shortages can also be a factor regarding air conditioner price increases. A lack of workers can disrupt every aspect of the supply chain, starting with the collection of raw materials and moving all the way down to transportation.

Since AC prices are going up, now is the perfect time to discuss your replacement options with an HVAC professional. An expert can help you find an air conditioner installation in Fresno, Sacramento, or the surrounding area that meets your needs and budget.

Higher Oil & Gas Prices

When discussing the reason for the recent HVAC price increases, it’s impossible not to talk about inflated oil and gas prices. Since these types of fuel are crucial to the transportation of HVAC equipment, it’s easy to understand how this can play a factor in the rising costs of cooling system installations.

HVAC Regulation Changes

If you want to know why now is the best time to buy an air conditioner, we have to mention the new HVAC efficiency standards coming in 2023. Starting on the very first day of the new year, you can expect the efficiency standards of various HVAC systems to increase throughout the country. These changes are targeted toward central air conditioning units and heat pumps, so they won’t have an effect on smaller-scale systems such as window units.

Although there are many benefits to installing an air conditioner with a higher energy efficiency rating, you are likely to encounter higher upfront costs. As you can imagine, these 2023 HVAC efficiency standards will play a part in HVAC price increases. Luckily, you can get ahead of these inflated costs by installing a new unit before January 1, 2023.

If you have questions about efficiency ratings, don’t hesitate to reach out to an HVAC professional for help. It’s important to know how efficiency can affect the cost, performance, and energy usage of your air conditioner.

Beat the Rising Costs — Replace Your AC Today!

The cooler months, such as spring and fall, are some of the best times to install an air conditioner. This way, you can beat the summer rush and potentially reap various cost-related savings.

Now that you know why now is the best time to buy an air conditioner, turn to Lee’s Air, Plumbing & Heating for a high-quality replacement. Our professional HVAC contractors understand the stress and worry these HVAC price increases can have, especially if you’re limited to a fixed budget. Fortunately, we can help you find a replacement that fits your comfort and pricing needs. We even offer HVAC financing options from top lenders in our area!

As a full-service heating and cooling company, we’re here to assist you no matter what the weather brings. We can provide you with heating services during the winter months, or we can help you achieve cool air with our air conditioning units and ductless mini-splits during the hot season.

We’re committed to your satisfaction, whether you need an HVAC system replacement or air conditioning repair in Fresno, Sacramento, or the surrounding area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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