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Why does my heater smell?

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Can you feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose? It’s that time of year again and heaters are switching on after the long, inactive summer months. This is the time of year when questions flood in about heaters giving off a weird burning smell. Here are some of the culprits for why your heater may smell less than pleasant after not being used for months.

Dust has accumulated in the heater and it is now burning off. The smell will go away quickly after a few hours. This is a very common occurrence and there is no need to call your local fire station or the Ghostbusters (who coincidentally may also live in your local fire station).

Clogged Air Filter
The air filter has become clogged with dust and now it is giving off a musty smell. This is another easy fix. Change your air filter and the smell will stop. If you don’t change your filter than this can cause the motor to work too hard and it will eventually burn out. So, changing your air filter periodically is just good preventative maintenance that everybody should be doing.

Closed Vents
If too many of your vents are closed, it can cause a burning smell in your house. When the air in your vents is hot and trapped with nowhere to go, it can give off an odd smell. Optimize airflow by checking your home for closed vents and opening them where needed.

Blocked Vents
The vents are blocked and this is leading to a strange odor in your home. This solution is also very easy to rectify. Simply check all the vents in your home and verify that there are no objects that are blocking or partially blocking them.

Mold has accumulated in your coils and is now burning off. Burning mold smells similar to burning dust. The best solution is to have an HVAC technician professionally clean your coils and inspect for anything that may have caused the mold to develop. Now is a great time to get any heater repair work done before the lower temperatures arrive.

If your heater’s unpleasant smell isn’t fading away, give Lee’s Air a call today! We’ll make sure that your heater is operating properly for the winter weather to come!

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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