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When to Schedule Water Heater Repairs

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The water heater in your home is surely one of its hardest-working appliances. Considering the immense of work that your water heater does throughout the day, every day, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that you will eventually discover the need for water heater repairs in Fresno, CA. Of course, early detection of any problems in need of repairs is hugely beneficial, so it helps to learn some of the warning signs that your water heater may be in trouble. We’ve detailed a few potential signs of problems below.

If you have any reason at all to suspect that your water heater is struggling, do not hesitate to contact the water heater pros here at Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance.

Visible Corrosion

If you notice rust or corrosion developing anywhere on your water heater, whether it is on the tank or on any pipes or connections, you should give us a call. Rust and corrosion are bound to develop when water and metal are in frequent contact. However, your water heater should not be losing water in a manner that would lead to such issues. You may have a leak somewhere in the system if you notice such rust or corrosion on your water heater.

Tepid or Cold Water

If you run the hot water in your home, but the water coming from your tap or shower head is tepid or even cold, you may have a damaged water heater on your hands. The problem may be with the heating element, or perhaps the thermocouple in a gas system. Whatever the issue is, it’s important that you hire a professional to resolve it.

Banging or Rumbling Sounds

Is your water heater getting too noisy to ignore? If so, it may have a lot of sediment built up in the tank, and having it flushed out could resolve the problem. Again, though, it may also be a problem with the heating element, which may need to be replaced or repaired. Keep an eye on your utility costs as well, as such problems with your water heater may also lead to a spike in usage costs. Contact us today to learn more.

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