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What is a Good SEER Rating for an Air Conditioner

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There’s no denying the fact that our homes are our sanctuaries — places where we can unwind and recharge. Our homes are where we feel most comfortable and relaxed, surrounded by our loved ones and the things that we cherish. So, when outdoor temperatures rise, it only makes sense that home comfort becomes something that becomes a major focal point in our daily lives.

During the hot summer months, many homeowners contemplate how they can keep their living spaces cool and comfortable throughout the summer. Air conditioning systems are a common solution, but with so many options available on the market, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. One crucial factor to consider when buying an air conditioner is its SEER rating. 

You may have heard about a SEER rating for your AC, but what does it mean? Here’s what SEER is, what a good SEER rating is, and why it’s important for you to know.

What Is SEER?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating measures the cooling your AC does over a cooling season by the energy it uses — so the average calculation over a cooling season. Think of the SEER as your AC’s maximum potential and efficiency. In short, the higher the SEER, the more efficient and cost-effective the air conditioner.

What Is a Good SEER Rating?

A good SEER rating is typically anything over 13, but it also depends on the age of your unit and how you are using it over time. You may hear that a higher SEER rating is better, but that is not necessarily the case for everyone. A higher SEER rating does provide better efficiency in certain temperatures and conditions, but this largely depends on the size of your home, how often you are home, and your ductwork. That being said, it is generally a good rule of thumb to have a higher SEER rating.

There are requirements for the minimum SEER rating based on your geographical location. Both the southwest and southeast regions of the US require a minimum SEER rating of 14, while the north is 13. In California specifically, a SEER rating of 14 is the minimum requirement.

If you have an older home, upgrading your system to a higher SEER will save you both money and energy in the longer term.

Benefits of a High SEER Rating

If you are considering having an air conditioner installation soon, then getting a higher SEER rating system has its benefits. Higher SEER units often come with two-stage compressors and a variable-speed blower – both great for increased comfort and cooling in your home during the hot summer months.

Air conditioners with low SEER ratings typically use only one-stage compressors and are a lot less efficient at cooling your home. It’s more likely to cause uneven cooling throughout different rooms with only one compressor on board – while also increasing your humidity levels.

If you are due for an AC replacement, call Lee’s Air today to speak to a professional about what SEER rating is best for you and your needs.

Although installing an air conditioning system with a high SEER rating can help keep your home cool and comfortable, it can also help you save money on your energy bills. The higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient the system, which means it uses less energy to achieve the same level of cooling output. This translates to lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

How to Calculate What SEER Rating Is Right for Your Home

Now that you know what a good SEER rating is, it’s time to find the right solution for your home. Calculating what SEER rating is right for your home involves a few different factors. Understanding these factors and how they contribute to optimal energy usage will undoubtedly assist you when selecting the best SEER rating for your home. Here’s how to do it:

  • Determine your cooling needs: The size of your home, as well as your climate and typical cooling season, will impact how much cooling output you need from your air conditioner. A professional HVAC system contractor can help you determine what size AC system is right for your home.
  • Consider your energy costs: A higher SEER rating will likely come with a higher upfront cost, but it can save you money on energy bills over time. Consider your budget and how much you’re willing to spend in upfront costs versus long-term savings.
  • Determine your payback period: This is the amount of time it will take for the long-term savings from a higher SEER rating to cover the higher upfront costs. A professional HVAC contractor can help you calculate your payback period.
  • Look for high SEER-rated options: Once you’ve determined your cooling needs, energy costs, and payback period, look for air conditioning units with the best SEER ratings that fit your budget and requirements.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Air Conditioners

Apart from finding the best SEER rating for your needs, several other factors should be considered when selecting an air conditioner. These include the type of air conditioning system you want, the brand, features, and your budget.

  • Air conditioner type: Air conditioners are available in two primary types: air conditioners and heat pumps. Air conditioners work by cooling the air inside your home, while heat pumps can both heat and cool the air, making them more versatile. However, heat pumps are usually more expensive than air conditioners.
  • Brand: Brand is also a crucial factor to consider when selecting an air conditioner. It is essential to choose a reputable brand that offers quality products and excellent customer service.
  • Features: When looking at features, consider those that are necessary and those that you can do without. For instance, some air conditioners come with programmable thermostats, which allow you to control the temperature and humidity levels in your home. Other features include noise reduction technology, air purifiers, and smart home compatibility.
  • Maintenance requirements: All air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to operate efficiently and effectively. Make sure you’re aware of the maintenance requirements for any system you’re considering and that you’re willing and able to fulfill them.
  • Noise level: Depending on your living situation, noise level may be a crucial factor to consider when buying an air conditioner. Some air conditioning systems are quieter than others, so make sure you choose one that won’t disrupt your everyday life.
  • Budget: What is your budget? It’s important to have an answer to this question when shopping for a new cooling system. Air conditioners with higher SEER ratings and more features will cost more than those with lower ratings and fewer features. However, investing in a high-quality air conditioner may save you more in the long run.

Purchasing a new air conditioning system may not be the easiest decision, but it is, without doubt, a necessary one. As you can see, finding the perfect cooling solution for your home requires a lot of research, consideration, and attention to detail. Not all air conditioning systems are created equal, and each one has its own set of features and perks that need to be taken into account.

If you have questions about which option is right for you, turn to the professionals at Lee’s for help. We’re happy to discuss your options with you and address any concerns you might have to ensure you receive the best possible AC installation in Fresno.

Install a New AC With the Experts at Lee’s

When it comes to selecting an air conditioning system for your home, the SEER rating is a crucial factor to consider. Air conditioners with the best SEER ratings are generally more efficient and cost-effective in the long run, but other factors, such as usage patterns and budget, also come into play. By working with an HVAC professional and considering all of these factors, you can select the right air conditioning system for your home and enjoy a cool, comfortable summer without breaking the bank.

If you are residing in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas, you know how important it is to have a reliable air conditioning system. The heat and humidity during the summer months can be unbearable without adequate cooling. That is where Lee’s Air, Plumbing & Heating comes in. We are a professional HVAC company that has been serving the community since 1981. We specialize in air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services.

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Now that you know what a good SEER rating is and how to choose the best cooling system for your needs, why wait any longer? If you want reliable and efficient air conditioning installation services, Lee’s Air, Plumbing & Heating is the company to call. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle any air conditioning installation project. Contact us today for your air conditioning installation in Sacramento or Fresno, and we’ll be happy to schedule your appointment!

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