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Steps to Healthy Winter Skin

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As cold temperatures in Fresno persist this winter, you are no doubt fighting the good fight against dry skin. Dry, winter air is notorious for robbing your body of moisture and leaving a dehydrated and staticy shell behind it.

You can take your health and hydration into your own hands by making a mental promise to drink more water. You may not feel thirsty or sweat as much in colder weather, but your body needs hydration more than ever. A properly hydrated body is essential for smooth, glowing and elastic skin. If you’re losing the battle against dry, winter skin, you’re definitely not drinking your recommended 8+ cups of water a day. Dehydration doesn’t just affect your skin. A properly hydrated person will have more energy, get better sleep and remember things more clearly than a dehydrated one.

The air around you definitely contributes to dry skin. Did you know that air conditioners were originally designed for the sole purpose of dehumidifying a room? This is great for hot and humid summers but can contribute to dry skin in the winter. If your home isn’t properly sealed and insulated, you will have to run your heater more consistently (and at a higher temperature) to compensate for the comfort you’re losing to drafty doors and windows. This means more and more moisture will be pulled from your home’s air.

If a properly sealed home is the first step, managing your thermostat is the second. By setting an efficient temperature for your home, your heating system will do less toggling on and off, over-running and over-exerting itself. This means blasting less hot air and pulling less moisture from your air. You can remain comfortable in efficient temperatures by dressing in comfortable layers or snuggling up in a blanket at home.

As always, a solid way to fight painfully dry winter skin is by using a great moisturizer. If you have extra dry skin, avoid any lotions with alcohol or perfumes in them as they only contribute to dry skin. Remember, the best time to apply is when your body is still a little damp from your shower. That traps all of that good moisture in. For cracked skin and chapped lips and noses, soothing aloe vera, bottled or straight from the plant, can provide fast relief and a speedy healing process. (They call it “cell cement” for a reason!).

Whether you choose to up your water intake or lower your thermostat temperature, you will see the results in your noticeably softer and smoother skin. Follow these easy tips and your skin will be ship-shape come beach season. If you have any questions about proper heater maintenance, give us a call at Lee’s Air! We hope you have a safe and comfortable winter season.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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