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My AC Froze Up – Now What?

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It’s still hot outside here in Fresno…and one of the more common AC repair calls we get is, “My AC froze up!” It may seem strangely ironic, something freezing when it is blazing outside, but it is all too familiar. How does this happen and what do you do to fix the problem? Here are some probable causes.

Restricted Airflow

One common problem causing AC units to freeze up, even in the heat of summer, is restricted airflow. Having limited air circulation will cause the coil temperature to drop. Eventually, condensation will form and once the temperature hits below freezing, you get ice. Restricted airflow can be caused by various factors. A dirty air filter can impede air passage to the coil. Ducts must be the proper size and accurately sealed. Dirt can even build up on the evaporator coil resulting in airflow restriction.

Refrigerant Problem

Another cause of a frozen AC system is low levels of refrigerant. This is largely prompted by a leak in the system. When the level of refrigerant drops, the pressure and temperature does as well. This leads to the evaporator coil temperature hitting freezing temperatures, producing humidity and, you guessed it, ice.

Avoid restricted airflow by changing your air filters regularly. In addition, have Lees Air set up regular checkups for your AC system. They will check for leaks and keep everything running smoothly in your unit.

If you do find that your air conditioner freezes up, don’t panic! First, turn off your AC system and let it thaw out. Next, change out dirty filters and turn the unit back on. This could be the answer to all your problems.

If after trying these steps you find you still have a problem with your unit, be sure to call Lee’s Air and have the pros check it out! Regular AC maintenance is the key to avoiding these issues in the future.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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