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Must I Have My Water Heater Flushed?

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As a homeowner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. It can be easy to let things slip through the cracks with all those responsibilities. One service that you should be diligent in scheduling, though, if you use a tank water heater in your home, is your water heater flush. We recommend that you have your water heater flushed out on an annual basis. That way, you can help to prolong the life of your water heater, while also enjoying a more efficient and effective performance from this system. Contact a member of our staff today to schedule your water heater flush in Fresno, CA.

How Is a Water Heater Flushed?

When we flush your water heater, we will first set up a hose on your water heater tank. We’ll drain the system out, and will then be able to clean out the sediment that builds up in water heater tanks over time. This will ensure that the heating surface is the tank is free of obstruction, which will help to take some of the strain off of the water heater. This service is especially vital if you have hard water in your plumbing, as hard water contains high concentrations of minerals that can lead to excessive buildup.

How Does a Water Flush Benefit Me?

When sediment builds up on the bottom of your water heater, it acts as an insulator on the heating elements. If you use a gas water heater, it also adds a layer between the water in the tank and the heat that is warming the bottom of that tank. If your water heater is not flushed regularly, you may experience a drop in water heating efficiency. It can also lead to increased pressure in the system, which can potentially lead to water heater damages. Trust us when we say that flushing your water heater is in your best interest.

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