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Humidity and Home Comfort

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(We asked our friends at Elmer’s One Hour Air in San Antonio, Texas to share some thoughts about the role humidity plays with home comfort. Enjoy!)

I just checked the weather conditions in Fresno – 75 degrees and 30% humidity. Consider yourself lucky! Right now in San Antonio, it’s 94 degrees with 50% humidity. If you’ve ever had one of those days where it is actually humid in California, you know how it feels. Sticky, gross and uncomfortable all come to mind.

But did you know you actually need a bit of humidity to feel comfortable in your home? In fact, humidity plays a vital role in the air conditioning process. The process of air conditioning actually involves getting rid of water vapor in the air, therefore lowering the relative humidity inside your home. Thus, you feel cooler.

Here’s where having the proper size of air conditioner in your home comes into play. The right AC system will find the desired level of comfort in terms of humidity. Homeowners are told to keep the humidity inside their home in the 30-50% range. Once you dip lower than 30%, your skin will start to dry out and itch. If the humidity reaches more than 50%, you started running into potential problems like mold.

If you don’t know your indoor humidity levels, ask the folks at Lee’s Air for a new thermostat that will display the information. Understanding the role of humidity in your home comfort can make all the difference in the world!

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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