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How Your AC Can Fight Allergies

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For some of us, allergy season seems to last year-round. However, maybe it isn’t the outside pollutants keeping you in bed all day. Maybe it’s the air inside your home. If you haven’t thought about your indoor air quality lately, it might be time to start. Keep reading to see how small changes in your home can help improve your indoor air quality and fight off allergies.

Use High-Quality Filters

Replacing your current air filters with high-quality ones can help trap allergens before they get into your home and circulate throughout. Most common air filters are made to capture large particles, such as dust. Opting for higher-quality filters can help ensure that you’re doing your best to trap the smaller particles, such as pollen. Air filters are rated on something called the MERV scale. The higher the MERV rating, the better the air filter.

Invest in a home purification system

If you’ve tried upgrading your filters and you’re still having problems, it’s time to consider a home air purification system. Check out the REME Halo in-duct air purifier. This air purifier is installed into your existing air conditioning and heating air ducts and works hard to eliminate both pollutants and odors inside of your home.

Another option is the IQ Air Perfect 16. This system fits right into your existing HVAC system and can filter the air up to 125 times per day. Along with the system’s performance, the upkeep on it is seamless, as well.

Fight Bacteria With UV Lights

Adding UV light bulbs into your home’s air conditioning system can help kill off bacteria cells (such as mold) before it travels throughout your house. UV lights are able to destroy and eliminate particles that your air filters may not be able to filter out.

So before allergy season hits you hard, call Lee’s Air to ensure that you’re breathing in the cleanest air.

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Written by Thomas Howard

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