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How Your AC Affects Your Body

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A new HVAC system can be quite the investment. In attempts to save money, some households choose to go without. While they may technically be able to live in this environment, without AC they have a lower chance of flourishing. Here’s a few of the ways the air conditioning impacts your daily life.

Did you know that the temperature of your home could directly affect your concentration? Studies show that students in controlled temperatures score nearly 20% higher than those learning in rooms that are too cold or hot. Just like auditory and visual distractions, uncomfortable temperatures can negatively affect concentration, which leads to less than stellar memory. This information is especially important to individuals who work from home, study at home or have children with piles of homework to complete. In tests, students in classrooms with a temperature of 72 degrees perform substantially better than those in classrooms ten degrees higher or lower.

Ever try to fall asleep in a hot, humid room? Cooler temperatures are necessary for restful sleep. In fact, your body requires a drop in temperature to induce sleep. This is why a functioning HVAC system is especially important in the summer. When it’s in the upper 90s outside, your body will need extra help cooling down. The typical temperature recommendation for a good night of sleep ranges between 65 and 72 degrees, but it all comes down to personal comfort levels. Some people may be able to sleep soundly in a chilly room at 62 degrees while others may be more comfortable closer to 75. Finding a comfortable temperature for you, and setting your thermostat accordingly will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

In the winter, cravings for all things carb-laden come alive. This has been chalked up to hibernation instincts, ritual and plain old availability. Yes, fudge is a delicious holiday treat. Yes, it’s readily available in the winter. Yes, your mom makes it every Christmas season. But the reason your mouth is watering for some chocolatey goodness could have more to do with your internal temperature than your nostalgia. When you eat or drink, your body temperature rises to process all of those calories. When your shivering subconscious sends you a winter craving, it could really mean, “Hey, I’m cold! Grab a sweater!” and not, “Eat all of the desserts!” Learning to differentiate hunger from cravings is the second step in winter diet management. The first step? Setting your thermostat to a comfortably warm temperature.

As you can see, your air conditioner has an impact on a lot more than your perspiration. When you can control your body temperature, you can control your sleep schedule, concentration and even appetite. For a safe and comfortable summer, call your local HVAC company and schedule an AC tune-up. Proper AC maintenance will help to keep you in control of your home and body’s temperature.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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