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How to Save Energy In The Summer

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As we move into the summer months and weather gets hotter, it gets harder to save energy at home. Here’s how to save energy in the summer.

Be aware of your lighting and appliances

Your appliances and lamps can cause a lot more heat than you realize. During the hot summer months try to avoid using the oven as much. Instead, use the microwave or even grill outside. Use the sun to your advantage and avoid artificial lighting during the daytime. At night, try using energy-efficient light bulbs. They put off less heat than normal ones. Wait to run the dishwasher or washing machine unless it is a full load. They can heat up the kitchen and laundry room. Modifying your light and appliance usage will help keep your home cool.

Use bedroom windows as your friend

Once the temperature cools down at night time, open your windows and let the cool air in while you sleep. Then when you wake up, close your blinds and curtains to keep the room cool until the sun goes down.

Use your fans

Use ceiling fans when you’re in a room. The ceiling fans help circulate air through your room, cooling the house which keeps the AC from overworking. Also invest in a floor fan for night time while you sleep. The combo of both fans is sure to keep you and your room cool without overworking the AC.

Check in on your cooling system

Have your AC system consistently maintained. When it has to work harder during the hot months, problems are more likely to come up. If you keep it checked on and running well, you will have a lower energy bill and a cooler home.

Knowing how to save energy in the summer doesn’t take too much preparation and is worth it. When you become more conscious of the way you are using your AC or using things that cause heat, you will see a drop in your energy bill. These tips are the perfect way to stay cool and save money this summer.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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