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How to Reduce Pipe Stress Due to High Water Pressure

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Pipe stress refers to when pipes are bearing too heavy of a load at a pressure that is too high. When the water pressure in your home’s plumbing reaches this point, it can cause the pipes, gaskets and seals of your plumbing system to become stressed – and could potentially lead to your water pipes leaking or bursting. These are a few ways to reduce the stress on your water pipes at home.

Schedule Regular Inspections

The best thing that you can do to help maintain the quality and condition of your aging pipes is to schedule regular pipe inspections. Weak pipes are not capable of withstanding the stress of transporting water throughout your home, and these pipes could leak or burst at any time. An inspection will allow your plumber to identify any pipes that need repair, helping you avoid serious leaks from forming within your home.

Get a Water Softener to Eliminate Hard Water

The minerals found in hard water can accumulate on the interior surfaces of your pipes over time, causing the diameter of your pipes to shrink. This reduction in pipe diameter can restrict the healthy flow of water, altering your water pressure and placing unnecessary stress on your pipes. Adding a water softener to your home plumbing system will remove excess minerals from your water supply before the water is circulated through your plumbing system. This will protect your pipes against the damage caused by mineral buildup, helping you avoid pipe leaks and excess pressure.

Check Your Water Pressure

The weaker your plumbing pipes, the more vulnerable they are to harm due to high pressure. Water pressure should always be between 40 and 85 psi. You can check your water pressure yourself or with help from a plumber. If your water pressure is over 85 psi, this can be dangerous – so contact your local plumber or adjust your water pressure yourself to lower it.

Plumbing problems can become major headaches in a heartbeat. If you’re in need of any type of plumbing repair, contact Lee’s Air and Plumbing for help from highly trained experts!

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