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How to Efficiently Keep Your Home Warm

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Look out Fresno, cooler temperatures are just on the horizon! Those winter months are approaching which means your HVAC units are going to be doing a little more work than usual. Now is the perfect time to get your fall tune-up by Lee’s Air, so you can take on those colder days without any problems when they come around. Schedule a tune-up appointment with Lee’s Air today to get your units winter-ready. Just because your AC unit is working harder doesn’t mean you have to!

Here are a couple of quick tips to cut down on the cost of your energy bill in the winter.

  • Set your thermostat close to the actual temperature: When comparing the temperature outside to the temperature indoors, it’s always important to remember the bigger the difference, the bigger the cost! It’s a lot cheaper to keep your home at a 70°F when it’s 50°F outside than when it’s 30°F.
  • Raise the temperature slowly: Keep it slow to keep that bill low! If you quickly raise the temperature on your heat pump it will activate the heat strip for extra help. This consumes way more energy than a gradual increase.
  • Don’t block the vents: This is a common mistake for homeowners everywhere. Make sure nothing is blocking the airflow from your vents. Furniture and drapes that are obstacles for your vents can greatly reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and will drive your energy costs up.
  • Use the sun: It should come as no surprise that the sun can keep us warm, but it’s also an excellent way to keep your house warm too! Open your blinds and shades during the day to let the sunlight in to naturally warm your rooms. When it starts to get dark, close your blinds and curtains to contain all the heat that accumulated during the day and watch the savings on your heating costs increase.

Remember, even sunny California can get chilly! You can count on Lee’s Air to keep you comfortable all year long.

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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