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Guest Post: Cleaning Your AC System

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Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips

The hot summer days and cold winter nights make air conditioning a necessity in most climates, however one we often take for granted. Eventually every machine breaks down. With proper maintenance, however, you can prolong the life of your air conditioner. Some of the maintenance tasks are very easy to deal with, while others are much more difficult. But, in the end, you will need to do some serious cleaning from time to time. The following tips aim to give you some insight into the most basic of cleaning tips you can deal with.

  • One of the first tasks that need to be done on a periodic basis is to replace the air filter of your unit. These are sold commercially in many large supermarkets. So, depending on the brand and type of your air conditioner, you can easily find a new one. If you are not certain about the size of the one you need to buy, simply write down the dimensions of the old one, as they are often written right on it.
  • The next thing that has to be done in order to get your unit cleaned up is to turn off its power. When you do that the furnace or blower will be safe to handle for some deeper cleaning. If you can’t find a way to turn it off you may need to turn off the main power or its relevant switch.
  • Next you should open up the blower, vacuuming all dust and debris as completely and thoroughly as possible. You can lubricate the motor through its ports with special electrical equipment oil. Avoid using any other kind unless you want to gum up the works or damage the equipment.
  • Something else you’ll need to check out is the possibility of algae growths inside the unit’s condensation tube. If you neglect the air conditioner for too long, this will create conditions friendly for algae growth. To avoid that, and to clean what’s already there, pour a 1:16 solution of bleach and water through the tube and use a similar mix to wipe off any surface you see algae on near the opening. Drain the tube and use a pipe cleaner to scrub it from the inside if possible.
  • Check out the insulation and make sure everything is clean. Vacuum the vents if you need to as they can also collect dust if much time has passed since the last time you did so. Clean the condenser fins with a brush and do your best to be as careful as possible. The last thing you want to do is hurt the insides of your unit.
  • Once that is done, you can safely restart the unit so you can check whether it works well or not.

The end result of your regular maintenance will be a much more smoother-working air conditioner unit and a better electric bill overall as the motor of the unit won’t have to struggle with dust and dirt. For more information about  AC system maintenance, contact your local Fresno air conditioning service experts.

(This is a guest post from http://www.londoncarpetcleaner.co.uk/carpet-cleaners/W10-cleaning-carpets-ladbroke-grove.html)

Thomas Howard

Written by Thomas Howard

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