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Do I Need Bathroom Plumbing Repair Services?

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Your bathroom just might be the first room that you think of when the term plumbing comes up. After all, you’ve got quite a few plumbing fixtures there, including your sink, toilet, shower, and bathtub. When you consider just how vital it is to your daily routine that your bathroom plumbing system is functioning properly, it should be clear that any necessary bathroom plumbing repairs must be completed as soon as possible. That is why you really cannot afford to ignore any potential signs of trouble with your bathroom plumbing system. If you suspect the need for bathroom plumbing services in Fresno, CA, be sure to contact the service specialists on our team.

Water Leaks

It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t actually have a water leak to worry about in your bathroom. You may think that you just weren’t very careful stepping out of the shower, for instance, or that you dripped water all over the floor when reaching for your hand towel. If you do keep finding wet spots around your bathroom, though, you should contact a plumber to investigate matters. You may have hidden water leaks that are putting the integrity of your bathroom at risk.

Running Toilets

Don’t tell yourself that it is normal for your toilet to run and run: it’s not. Just because your toilet is not backing up and leaking all over the floor doesn’t mean that it is functioning properly. If you have a faulty valve or damaged seal in your tank, you may be wasting a considerable amount of water via your running toilet without even realizing it.

Foul Odors

It may seem like you can brush off foul odors in your bathroom more so than elsewhere in your home. However, if your toilet bowl and sinks smell of sewage, you could have a compromised sewer line. Before that sewer line backs up into your bathroom or causes any other problems, you should call our plumbing specialists to investigate matters.

You can count on great plumbing services when you work with Lee’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Building Performance.

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