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Commercial Air Conditioning 101

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Commercial Air Conditioning 101

Taking on a commercial property is no easy task, and there’s a lot to consider, especially if they have a commercial air conditioning system. When determining what’s best for your building, even the simplest of details have a large impact on the businesses you plan to house. That’s why, when it comes to finding a suitable commercial air conditioning system, it’s crucial that you keep the following in mind.

What Type of Building/Environment You Are Heating and Cooling

There’s a good chance you are going to have various business types inside your commercial property, and that those businesses are going to have different air conditioning needs. For example, a unit with an ice cream shop may require extra cooling while another unit with a restaurant may need the temperature to be higher in order to keep the unit comfortable. Knowing what kinds of needs your tenants are going to require will help an air conditioning company determine what kinds of units will best suit the property.

Commercial HVAC vs Residential HVAC

Residential and commercial HVAC systems are sisters, not twins. Most likely, you’ve got some form of experience with the air conditioning in your home. However, commercial air conditioning units are a little more complex.

For starters, commercial systems are typically built-in “packages,”, where the majority of the system resides outside on the roof of the building and most of the functions are localized. Although packaged, most commercial systems are modular, which is a good thing. This means repairs can be made to parts of the system, as opposed to having to replace the entire system like a residential unit.

Cost and Maintenance For Commercial HVAC Systems

While running a commercial property, it’s important to guarantee that your tenants are comfortable in their units. Constant upkeep of your commercial air conditioning unit is a must and will eliminate any unexpected problems that may put a dent in your wallet. Being on a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule will ensure that your system is in tip-top shape.

If you’re interested in having a commercial HVAC system installed on your property, contact Lee’s Air at (559) 316-5634 to schedule an appointment today. With over 34 years in commercial property, Lee’s Air is the air conditioning company Fresno trusts.

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Written by Thomas Howard

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